Showcase booth

Showcase Booth
Get to know companies, projects and use cases of gamification and present your own project

Embedded between the practical workshops and the scientific program, the Showcase Booth is a networking and exchange platform between science and practice. The concept follows the typical trade fair format - in an open space directly adjacent to the room with the lunch buffet, scientists*, founders*, company representatives*, start-up offices and other start-up supporters* present their projects, products, services or ideas at small booths, the structure of which they are free to determine. The goal is to make the projects tangible - interactive games, simulations or research "to try out" extend the typical presentation materials to bring the topic of gamification closer to academic and non-academic audiences.

For scientists

At the Showcase Booth, scientists* can present their current projects on the topics of gamification, entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability and network with companies, for example to start a partnership for a joint research project or to discuss use cases of research results in companies.

For founders and companies

Founders and companies can present their business ideas, products and services at the Showcase Booth and inspire start-up supporters for their ideas. Through the exchange with scientists, new ideas for further development can be generated and the possible use of the product or service in a research project, e.g. for the measurement of concrete success indicators, which are also of scientific interest, can be initiated.

For start-up supporters

Start-up supporters, innovation labs, business development agencies and other academic and non-academic sponsors of game and gamification start-ups can present their offerings at the Showcase Booth and get in touch with interested founders to talk about the (further) development of business ideas and games.

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