Scientific program

Scientific Program
StartPlay offers many opportunities for scientific exchange
Full paper presentations

Presentation of the results of completed studies around the topics of gamification and entrepreneurship

Paper Development Workshop

Presentation and discussion of work-in-progress papers with a focus on constructive feedback and further development

Walk-By Poster Presentations

Presentation of research projects, showcases, gamified apps or (serious) games in a trade fair format

World Café

Creative development and discussion of a research agenda for the topic area of gamification and entrepreneurship

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Full paper presentations

Full-Paper Presentations are designed to present and discuss research results of completed scientific studies.

Authors present their work in a 15-minute presentation to other scientists, giving an overview of the topic area, research questions, methodology, results, discussion, and implications. This is followed by a 10-minute Q&A session for each paper, in which the audience can ask questions and provide suggestions for further development into a journal paper or further studies.


Paper Development Workshop

The Paper Development Workshop primarily serves to further develop submitted work-in-progress papers. Authors present their work in a 10-minute presentation.

In addition, each paper will be assigned a discussant who will provide detailed, constructive feedback on the current status of the research project and the state of the paper beyond the peer review process. The other participants are encouraged to contribute their experience and ideas, but also to give constructive feedback in order to successfully develop the paper for an international conference or journal.


Walk-By Poster Presentations

The poster submissions will be presented in a fair format in an open space. Authors will have their own booth where they will present their posters to the "wandering" audience from science and practice.

In addition to presenting the background, research questions, methodology, and initial results of ongoing or completed research projects on the posters themselves, we explicitly encourage authors to also present artifacts (e.g., research materials, design drafts, MVPs, apps, games, and more), making their research project tangible for the audience.


World Café

The StartPlay not only serves the scientific exchange about the status quo of the research area Gamification and Entrepreneurship, but also strives to bring the related research topics to the scientific community and to shape future research.

In the form of a so-called "World Café", a creativity method in which the participants iteratively pass ideas to each other and develop them further, all participating scientists come together regardless of their academic status. Based on their own research, their experiences, and the impressions of the StartPlay Conference, they are working together to define a research agenda for future research in gamification and entrepreneurship.

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