Game Jam

Practice workshops and Game Jam
Experience the potential of gamification in a two-day Game Jam, accompanied by three thematically linked workshops

In Game Jams, a format that originated in the game development industry, interdisciplinary teams develop game ideas within a very short time. In the process, the teams ask themselves similar questions as founders do when developing business ideas: What is the goal of the game (or business idea)? Who are the (potential) players (customers)? What game principles (value propositions) can I use to inspire these players?

At StartPlay 2022, scientists, founders, startup supporters and incubators can experience the principle and process of a Game Jam by developing a game idea themselves in three workshop sessions and then presenting it to a jury at the conference - learning by doing! The best game idea will be awarded with a Best Game Idea Award (and can of course be pursued as a start-up).

The three workshop sessions will be led by the team of systainchange and EMPAMOS . The special feature of this Game Jam is that during the game development you are in a game - a specially adapted version of "Pitch Your Green Idea!". In addition, the EMPAMOS method helps you find and combine the ideal game elements for your game.

The principle of a Game Jam

A game jam traditionally brings together various people from the game development industry to develop a game within a very short time. It is somewhat comparable to the principle of a hackathon, in which software solutions to specific problems or challenges are worked on very intensively in a short period of time. In both formats, teams with members from diverse fields and with different expertise work together on ideas and implementations in a short period of time. However, the Game Jam is not primarily about software development, but rather about the development of game ideas, game principles, game elements and game rules. An implementation in the form of a first (digital) prototype can, but does not have to, take place.

Practice workshops

The Game Jam is made up of three linked workshops that guide you through the game development process in a structured way.

Workshop Idea Generation

The first section of the Game Jam is about brainstorming and the essential framework of the game idea. For this purpose, you will learn a creative method for brainstorming and will be guided through the first phases of game development with the help of the board game "Pitch Your Green Idea!".

Workshop Game Elements

In the second part, the methodology workshop by EMPAMOS focuses on the selection of game elements and with the help of EMPAMOS game elements are selected for the own project.

Workshop Pitch

The methodology workshop of the third part serves the pitch preparation. The prototype for the pitch is deepened and the final pitch event is prepared.

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